Our Clients

The employees of Origami Studios value their relationships with their clients. Many artists who have recorded at Origami have come back numerous times during their careers. Below you’ll find some testimonials from clients who were kind enough to voice their thoughts and opinions about the studio and its affiliates.


Anton Hagop (Aria Award-Winning Engineer)

“I’ve recorded and mixed music all over Australia, from small home studios to the largest and most impressive and expensive commercial spaces available. Origami has somehow managed to land right In the middle, offering a fantastic recording environment for a fantastic price. The monitoring environment is great and the live rooms are well designed acoustically. I look forward to working there again In the near future.”



“Origami rocks. Apart from their habit of ordering Dominos for dinner it’s the perfect place to record. We were the test dummies for Studio B and it worked out great”.



Nick Summerfield

“I listen back to my original demos and compare them to the EP I recorded with Reese and Steve. It’s crazy how far along my songs have come with their help. I’m already starting work on a second EP at Origami”.



Joel Timpano

“I tracked half of my project at Origami and the other half elsewhere. It was good to have Steve and Reese there from the start, especially with the drum tracking. I was really happy with Steve’s final mixes too”.



Aaron Lyon

“I’ve almost finished my EP at Origami and I`m so happy with it that as soon as I land a larger budget then I will be calling up the boys at Origami and booking in 2 whole weeks. Boom Boom!”



Tim Bowen

“Origami accommodated me when I needed to book a full day with short notice to do a live band recording of 8 of my songs for a record label. The session ran really smooth and Steve took the extra time to get the mixes right for me”.




“Recording at Origami (with Steve) was by far the best recording experience we’ve had. What were meant to be rough demos turned out to be good enough for release. It’s refreshing to work with engineers that are willing to dive in 100% with the musician to make the product the best it can be. Good times at the Origamiz!”


Ross Ferraro (drummer for Gin Wigmore)

“I’ve never been happier with a drum sound than the one I got recording at Origami. Producer/engineer Steve Manovski is versatile and willing to experiment to get the right sound for each track. So many producers have all the gear and all the technical knowledge in the world but stick to some method they’ve learnt in a book and just set and forget. Steve not only has the gear and the knowledge but more importantly he has a musical ear and is willing to break the rules to get the best results.”


Costa Lamb

“Had a great headache-free time at Origami Studios. Mixed our 2 songs (Good Intentions and Chemical years) for our band Enspier – came out great. Not only does Steve know his board and Pro tools well, but he helped make the songs even better. Easy to work along with and great ear for music.”



Craig Woodward

“Right from the first pre-production chat about direction and recording techniques I found Steve to be passionately on board with helping me to achieve my first independently produced major release. Put aside Steve’s highly equipped studio and his world class ability as a session drummer and producer it was his commitment to aim as high as we could on an independent budget and reach a professional quality release that impressed me most I would recommend Steve and origami studios to any serious independent or breaking through artist with a blue collar budget thanks a million Steve.”