Sometimes it doesn’t matter how big the studio is, how much gear it has or how much it costs, getting a great product comes down to the people who are helping you create it. Below is a little information on the producers/engineers available to you at Origami Studios. If you’d like to reach out to any of them please see our contact page. Feel free to ask questions or seek advice – drop in even if you’re around!

Steve Manovski

Steve Manovski is the owner and head producer/engineer at Origami Studios. He has worked across Sydney and the South Coast at a large range of recording studios, honing his skills as an engineer and producer. He brings to the table a fresh set of ears, a unique approach to production and arrangement and an extensive collection of new and vintage gear.

Steve has an extensive list of past clients which you’ll find on the “our clients” page. He always develops an inspiring relationship with artists, helping them develop their sound and direction. Along with his studio skills, Steve is an award winning drummer / percussionist who has an extensive background and experience playing live nationally within genres of Rock, Pop, Cabaret, Latin, Jazz, African, Funk and traditional Irish Dance. He is available for session work both live and in the studio, Steve often plays keyboards and guitars on many songs also (and the odd musical saw).

Artists can have complete faith in his abilities to deliver a great service and a rewarding experience, whether it be tracking, producing, mixing, editing, overdubbing or one on one barista training.

Reese Szabo

Reese Szabo is a producer, songwriter, pianist, session guitarist and avid 30 Rock fan (if you haven’t watched it you really should)…

He recently made the shortlist as a finalist for the APRA Professional Development Awards for song writing and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Entertainment Management at the Australian Institute of Music. He spends most of his time watering his new plant Alfie at Origami Studios and pre-producing and recording artists. His current religion is Buddhism but he is not practising. He does believe in Zen-like states tho, so avoid disrupting him when he’s “in the vibe”. Reese writes, sings and plays in the band Jolan which has encountered success when he toured with Newton Faulkner in 2013.