Craig Woodward Lonely Dogs Radio Interview

We’d like to introduce the latest artist out of Origami Studios - Craig Woodward (and the Lonely Dogs)

Craig recorded his debut album (self-titled) a few months back with producer Steve Manovski and since it’s release he’s been climbing the country charts and getting some great exposure on national radio!

If you’re interested in supporting Craig you can like his Facebook page here

The 11 track album featuring the first single “Bondi Smile” is available at Craigs official website

If you’d like to preview it or download it straight to your fancy Iphone here’s the Itunes Link!!

So you can get to know Craig a little better a member of the Origami team has conducted a small interview about his career, his involvement with Origami Studios and his exciting future….

Origami Studios Feature Interview – October 2011 by Steven Tagliaferro.

Chillin’ with Craig Woodward.

Craig Woodward’s (Woody) love of music has taken him on a varied and interesting trip throughout his musical career.

With the launch of his ‘Debut’ album “Craig Woodland and the Lonely Dogs” he is set to make his mark on the industry.

Recent history includes:

Top 100 in Idol 2006 coming in at 60th place.

Top 20 Telstra’s Country Music Festival in Tamworth for 2008.

He opened his own business – Menai Music School November 2008. (

Top 10 finalist in Gympie’s famous Maton Talent Search for 2009.

Debut Film clip scheduled for Release Nationally on CMC (Country Music Channel) Nov/Dec 2011


Impressive to say the least, I talk to Craig about his past, his hopes and of course his music.


How has music played a part in your life and which Genres do you prefer?

“Music has always been a part of my life. The styles I prefer are Country and Rock blended together with a definite lean towards Modern Country.”


What did you hope to get from your Idol experience?

“Idol for me was a case of affirmation.” In musical terms I was still green as far as being a musician went. However, the Idol experience confirmed that I may have something to offer in terms of being an artist and song writer.”


Idol was a point of reference for you. Did that experience determine what would happen next?

“It’s about timing. During my 20’s I was still finding out about who I was as a musician and writer, those times included personal dramas that had to be dealt with. Now in my 30’s I am comfortable in my skin as an artist and musician and more importantly a person!”


What artists and song writers have had an influence on you?

Most recently I think Adele’s songs to me are real, packed with raw emotion. Turn the tide, Bruno Mars, John Mayer are great writers as well as artists in their own right. They are top of their world. Keith Urban is by far my strongest influence. That said, I am conscious to develop my own distinctive Australian style, I can’t help it I’m a proud Aussie! J.”


What effect do you want your music to have on a listener?

“Music in my life is therapeutic.  Song writing is about life and its experiences. I hope people will relate to what I am saying.”


Let’s talk about your new Album. What is different from this release compared to your previous work?

“I wanted this album to be savvy and professional at a level I had not attempted before. I was looking for a producer who understood what my goals were and that had the same work ethic as me. That producer turned out to be Steven Manovski. We both clicked. I feel lucky to have worked with Steve on this project.”

How did you find Steve?

“A mutual friend, Borce Todorovski, my original keyboard player with former rock band newstone, had seen this mad drummer with the Salsa Kings. He drew in the crowd. Turned out to be Steve, so I called him. Right from that call I spoke to him straight down the line, fired off my goals.”


What reaction did you get from Steve?

“Immediately he fired back some good ideas, we clicked.”


Describe your time at Origami Studios and with Steve?

“Steve’s approach to my music was of interest and maturity to handle my project.  He has a good solid business head and a strong ability. So many times he went above and beyond duty. The album production is so strong because Steve never hesitated to throw in his input and dedication.”


Did you have a hand in the production of this album?

“Yes, we co-produced the album, but the truth is 90% of the creative ideas outside of the structure of the raw song came from Steve. I class myself as an organic old school songwriter. I try to write really good songs with a contemporary landscape and Steve’s passion for music made them great.”


How did you come up with the title of your album, “Craig Woodland and the Lonely Dogs”?

“The title is also the bands’ name. The nucleus of the band is Tim Sampson on bass, Luke Dixon on drums and I play guitar and sing. One night at a gig we were mucking around and Luke was entertaining us with his dry sense of humour, I can’t really remember but I just blurted out, I’ve got it ‘Craig Woodward & The Lonely Dogs’, you guys are the lonely dogs! With that it stuck to the wall and well here we are today, ha, ha, those damn dogs are ahhh the stories ha, ha, ha.


The album boasts several songs with titles such as ‘You Couldn’t Tell Me’, ‘Chasing Strangers’,  ‘Breeze’, ‘Bondi Smile’, ‘Confession’ and ‘Never Be The Same’ to name a few. Which song will be the single release?

“All the songs are original material with ‘Bondi Smile’ selected for our first single release. It is the catchiest tune. It’s a song that shows the fun and childish side of me. It gives the listener the idea we are not too serious to laugh at life and more importantly ourselves.


There are many good songs to choose from on this album. Do have any idea which will be the second single?

“Second single. I guess ‘Never be the same’ is up for negotiation, possibly ‘breeze’ I’m not sure maybe a good online competition for our fans would be a good idea!


The album launch was 25th August 2011 at the Brass Monkey at Cronulla.  Describe how that felt.

The album launch was very satisfying the songs revolve around my two loves, Country and Rock. Country for story telling combined with a rock rhythm.  I had to do it, I was not leaving this earth before that. A song gives me a voice. If I’m with eighteen people at a dinner table everyone talks about themselves which is fine but I prefer a conversation involving one person. When I play my music the spot lights on me, not everyday life but at a gig it’s my time.”


Has the album been received well?

“It’s early days yet but I have had some encouraging signs. Damien Leigh bought my album he was full of praise for the songs and the level of production indicating that the production was world class and the arrangements were fantastic.  I met Damien during Idol 2006.


My understanding is that Iconic Aussie actor Jack Thompson was the first to contact you regarding this release?

“He rang to let me know he really enjoys the album.”


This is excellent news Craig.  So what does the future hold for you?

“With the release of this album my aim is to create more material or entire albums for the next 10 years, to chase the dream.”

With that said Craig, we here at Origami Studios wish you well in your musical endeavours and look forward to work with you again.

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