Design & Photography

Recording your music release is only ever half the job. Artists must take into consideration the artwork of their release and its accompanying paraphernalia (posters, flyers, website design etc.). Origami Studios recognises the importance of photography and graphic design in the career of an artist and as a result has provided a resource for its clients to help them get it right the first time around.

Jacqueline Freestone

Origami is excited to enlist the services of Jacqueline Freestone. Jacqui has a B.A in Graphic Design and is Origami’s resident designer and photographer. If she’s not in the studio taking pictures of you, you’ll find her at UNSW completing a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (it’s so she can understand what you’re thinking when she takes your picture). She’s originally from Gundagai but don’t hold that against her, it’s not like she likes country music or anything… I mean… who does?

Furthermore she is available to clients of Origami for:

  • photo shoots both in the studio and on location
  • design of single/EP/Album cover artwork
  • design of posters, flyers, MySpace/Facebook banners and other promotional paraphernalia.

For more information contact us.