Session Musicians

It’s common for artists that are wanting to record to not always have the right musicians available to help record their songs. Most singer songwriters usually focus on their voice and 1 other instrument (guitar or piano).  Arrangements can often involve drums, bass, guitars, percussion, strings, brass and keyboards. It is important that musicians being recorded are of the highest quality possible and have had lengthy studio and performance experience. Below are some of the people that are actively involved in recording projects at Origami Studios. They are reliable, trustworthy and talented. Contact us if you’d like to discuss using any of our session musicians.

Marc Malouf

Marc has a Bachelor of Performance from the Australian Institute of Music and is Origami Studios preferred session guitarist. He is a member of several top Sydney bands including The Martini Club and The Black Diamond Hearts and plays on average 6 live gigs a week! Marc has extensive experience with studio sessions and is renowned for having a fantastic touch and tone. He also boasts an impressive collection of guitars and amps.

Matt Hunter

Matt is a fantastic bass player who we often have on our pop/rock style sessions. Matt holds a Bachelor of Music in Performance from JMC Academy and has also studied bass at the Conservatorium of Music in Sydney. With extensive live experience (including 5 tours through Europe) Matt is a proven performer, one with a good understanding of the role of the bass guitar line in an arrangement. Whether it be replaying an existing idea or starting from scratch, Matt can and will deliver what is expected from a confident session player.

Danny G

Danny G is a bit of an all-rounder but we like to advantage of his skills as a session keys player. He holds a Bachelor of Music in Jazz performance from the Conservatorium of Music in Sydney and is also an accomplished trumpet and percussion player. At the moment he plays piano for the leading Sydney Latin group “Son Veneno” and has worked extensively in New York City with his own group and for other jazz artists including Frank Lacy Ku-Umba and James Carter. Danny has worked on countless sessions at Origami and also recorded his own debut album at the studio with the aid of producer Steve Manovski.

Aaron Lyon

Aaron is a graduate of the Talent Development Program and has exceptional skill as a session vocalist. His influences are diverse and both his style and tone have endless possibilities. Aaron can provide a powerful performance as a lead vocalist or pull right back to produce the subtleties needed when delivering backing vocals.

Erin Marshall

Erin is also a graduate of the Talent Development Program and is a full time vocalist living in Sydney city. Her voice can be heard on Angus and Julia Stones debut album “a book like this” and she has also performed live as a backing vocalist for Delta Goodrem and Home and Away’s Tammin Sursock. Erin has sung alongside James Morrisson and Tommy Emmanuel, and opened for acts as diverse as Josh Pyke, Richard Clapton and Newton Faulkner. If a female vocalist is required for either lead or backings, Erin is Origami’s choice.


Steve Manovski

Steve is not only the owner and head engineer of Origami Studios but he is also a professional session drummer and percussionist. Steve will soon be the owner of a Yamaha Recording Custom kit which is a beautiful sounding drum kit to record. The kit will become available to clients so your eye on our blog for updates on that. He also owns a set of Timbales which you can view in our gallery. Steve has extensive experience in both live and studio drumming and is highly capable of reading charts.

Reese Szabo

Reese has been playing guitar for almost 11 years and is also a resident producer at Origami Studios. His focus is on acoustic playing but he also has extensive experience as a lead guitarist. Reese is a regular on the live scene around Sydney, playing for several singer songwriters and also fronting his own band Jolan. You can read more about him on our engineers page.

String Quartet and Brass Section

Origami can provide session brass players and session string players; everything from solo trombone or violin right up to full brass sections and string quartets. The studio also has great relationships with talented professional arrangers. Some artists like to write their own string parts but our experiences have shown that using a professional arranger for sections and quartets is the way to achieve the best performance and recording possible. If you are considering brass or strings in your arrangement please contact us for more information.