Web Design & Social Media

It’s so important as an artist to have a strong online presence. The first place anyone will look for you or your band  will almost always be on the internet and the last thing you want is to lose potential fans, record label deals or gigs because you haven’t created a profile through your website or across social media platforms. Below you’ll find some information on how Origami can help connect you to those who have the expertise to help you design and build your website and better utilize social media tools.

Serge Viranian (Clumzoid)

Origami is excited to enlist the services of Serge Hampartzoum Raffi Garo Viranian (yes that’s is his full name – the one that he wishes he never told us). He designed and created the whole of the website your currently on – and it’s super cool, so imagine what he could do for you! Serge has a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and a Masters in Digital Media from The University of Sydney so he knows what he’s talking about. Website coding is really confusing – and so is his full name, so it was meant to be really.

Serge can get your online presence up and running with:

  • Your own domain name
  • An SEO friendly website to help you rank high on search engines like Google
  • An easy to use content management system so you can easily update your site
  • Social Media integration (facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Google+, Youtube etc…)
  • Blogging capabilities
  • An easy to manage music gallery
  • An event manager to keep your fans updated on your latest gigs or activities

Serge can cater for budgets of all sizes For more information please contact us