On Location

Not only does Steve Manovski specialise in engineering and producing in Studio A but he also has extensive experience recording live performances out on location, bringing those recordings back to the studio and mixing them at Origami. Below is some information on Steve’s capabilities to record on location as well as the equipment and tools he has at his expense.

The On Location rig consists of an RME Fireface 400 convertor which records onto a MacBook Pro into Logic 8. Steve can supply all the microphones and DI’s if necessary, or simply patch into the PA system that is already at the gig/rehearsal to use the microphones that are already in place.

The microphone and gear list will be tailored to each recording as no two are the same. Please contact us for more information on the different setups possible.

Once the live show/rehearsal has been tracked the individual audio files will be brought back to Origami Studios and mixed in Studio A, making use of its impressive collection of outboard gear and its Digi 192 Convertors. This would be the same signal path as normal studio recording and will ensure a quality final mix.

Each job will be individually quoted as there are several factors to consider (Setup time, venue location, size and scale of recording etc.). Please contact us to receive an individual quote for your on location recording.