Studio A

Studio A is the core of Origami Studios and its most impressive asset. It is manned by Steve Manovski who is the head engineer. Studio A is comprised of 4 separate rooms that are all interconnected. The control room boasts an exceptional collection of equipment and each of the 3 live rooms have been acoustically treated to create the most optimal recording environment possible. Below is information on each of the sections of Studio A as well as the extra amenities Origami studios provides to its clients.

Control room | Room 1 | Room 2 | Isolation Booth | The Chill Out room | Kitchen

Control room

Origami Studios central control room boasts an impressive mixing desk and a great collection of outboard gear. More information on all the equipment, monitor speakers and software can be found in our gear list. The control room has complete visibility of the 2 live rooms and the isolation booth, allowing an easy direction of the recording session as a whole. The room has been acoustically treated for optimal referencing and monitoring, has a sitting area for artists and their associates, and is also fully air conditioned.

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Room 1

The largest of the live rooms in Studio A, room 1 is primarily used for drum tracking when a big open sound is required. The room has direct visibility to the central control room as well as the isolation booth for vocalists. Its extensive patch bay allows even the largest and most complex drum kits to be recorded accurately. The room has multiple headphone sends and a large floor space to allow several instruments to be isolated and recorded at once in a live performance. The extensive list of microphones available in this room can be found here.

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Room 2

Room 2 of Studio A is often used as a dead room for a slightly tighter and more pop sounding drum take. Percussion is often recorded in this room. See our list of percussion and drums here. Origami hopes that this second room will soon be home to a brand new upright piano (keep your eye on our blog for updates on that). This room also has direct viewing to the central control room and the isolation booth for vocalists. The visibility between these rooms is highly conducive for great performances. A lead vocalist can be in the isolation booth while a group of backing vocalists can be facing them in room 2 and the live band can be recording together in room 1.

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Isolation Booth

The isolation booth has been acoustically treated and is great for recording lead vocals during a live take with a full band. The booth has left and right visibility to the two larger live rooms and a front view directly into the control room where the artist can see Steve Manovski doing everything he can to make the recording and performance sound great. The space is large enough to record acoustic guitars if a tighter and more intimate sound is needed.

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The Chill Out room

Origami has a purpose built “chill out” room for its clients where they can relax and take a break from the recording process. It’s also great for groupies who just want to hang around! The Chill Out room has a TV with a DVD player, a large desk for study/work, couches, chairs and soon a bunch of gaming consoles to keep you busy (Sony PlayStation, Xbox etc.)

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The Origami Kitchen

Origami also has a full size kitchen which clients are welcome to use. There’s a 4 burner stove, oven, fridge, freezer, cupboard, microwave and dining table. Cooking at the studio is a great way to keep costs down during long sessions and can be a healthier option than take out. All we ask is that you clean up after yourselves!

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